Retiring Early – February 2014 Cash Flow Summary

Tweet February was a great month.  Hopefully, it was also a trend setter.  For the first time since I started tracking my income and expenses 3 years ago my non-salary income managed to exceed my expenses. Better yet, I’m sitting on a boatload of uninvested cash that’ll increase my passive income once I get itRead MoreRead More

Financial Independence – Enabling Lives Worth Living

Tweet Imagine a life where you could make your living doing anything you wanted to do.  A world where you don’t necessarily have enough money to travel the world by private jet, but where your investments sufficiently cover all of life’s essentials along with some luxuries along the way.   Each day you could wakeRead MoreRead More

Retiring Early – January 2014 Cash Flow Summary

Tweet Prior to writing this report, I haven’t set or managed a budget in well over a year.  This wasn’t an accident or a product of my laziness.  It was to see how my expenses would fair after taking some time off and living frugally, but not obsessively. Unsurprisingly, my expenses have risen.  They roseRead More

Changing Perspective – Income Thinking vs. Expense Thinking

Tweet The year was 2001, and in hindsight I see what an arrogant bastard I’d become.  I was 22, a few months post graduation, and enjoying my first professional job as an engineer. I was pulling in $50,000 a year, an unimaginable fortune for me. A little history: I grew up lower-middle class.  My momRead More