The Path

Tweet Just having a little fun with some semi-fiction this weekend…​  Hope you enjoy.   The alarm goes off. ​That means it’s time to get up for ​our daily walk along The Path. I’ve been walking along The Path for years now. Decades, even. It’s well-lit, although the lighting seems somewhat… unnatural. Fluorescent. ​I’ve beenRead More

Income/Expense Reports Are Making a Comeback

Tweet Happy New Years, everyone! Performing a detailed and regular analysis of personal finances sucks.  It’s also indescribably important if you want to retire early and with confidence that you’re really ready. So after a 2 year hiatus and many requests from the awesome and loyal readers of this site, I’ve decided to bring backRead More

Fun with Furloughs

Tweet Last week I got a surprise email from my boss.  It was a very unpersonalized forward from his boss, which was an unpersonalized email from our corporate headquarters.  Both of them forwarded the email with a simple “FYI” in the body of their email.  Ironically, the corporate email said it was not meant toRead More

So Yeah, I Paid Off My Mortgage

Tweet It’s an age old debate, and sometimes a feisty one in the “personal finance” circle online.  The question is this: In this particularly low interest economy that we’re in, does it make sense to pay off your mortgage?  I can’t answer that for you.  Hell, I can barely answer it for myself.  But IRead More