Escape From The Cubicle Farm

Escape From The Cubicle Farm

Tweet Take a stroll through the average office building in the middle of the modern concrete paradise we call an office building complex, and it’s easy not to see what I now see.  What I can’t unsee. It starts in the parking lot, where hundreds of oversized cars are parked as close to the frontRead More

The Way of Financial Freedom

Tweet If your cup of water is empty, would you refill it by taking your empty cup to the faucet, or by bringing the faucet to your empty cup? This is the secret to financial freedom.  You can bring your savings up to cover your expenses, or you can bring your expenses down to fitRead More

Peer To Peer Lending Update: March 2014

Tweet It’s been 6 months since my last Peer-To-Peer investment update, so I figured it’s time to drop another quick summary on the site. I’ll be changing things up a bit this time, and providing an update for both of my P2P investments: Lending Club and Prosper. Lending Club Here are my historical returns with LendingRead MoreRead More

Retiring Early – February 2014 Cash Flow Summary

Tweet February was a great month.  Hopefully, it was also a trend setter.  For the first time since I started tracking my income and expenses 3 years ago my non-salary income managed to exceed my expenses. Better yet, I’m sitting on a boatload of uninvested cash that’ll increase my passive income once I get itRead MoreRead More