BNL On Hold

Brave New Life will be on hold for a few weeks.

I’ve recently begun writing a few Android apps and found surprising success, already making over $10/day after only a few hours of work.  I’m going to take this recipe and make several more games to see if it scales. This will be my priority over the next few weeks, which is why BNL will be on hold.

I’ll provide an update when time allows, and will plan on using twitter for brief updates on my app building status/success.

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  1. Ah, man. I’ll miss your posts, but I’m glad you’re finding success with your new income stream.

  2. 1step says:

    that’s great that you found this great new revenue stream. i’m trying to delve into this realm myself. are you doing paid apps, or ad support? also, games or productivity or neither?

    • I’m doing free games for kids. I have a 1 and 3 year old, so I’ve written a game I thought they would like (and they do). It had 250 downloads in the first day, and made about 50 cents from an ad I put in it. So then I copied the game with a different theme, took less than an hour, and it has made about $8 per day (and rising) while I do nothing.

      So now I’m going to make a bunch more games with additional themes.

      I keep waiting for the income to come crashing down, but so far it just keeps going up. In 4 days, I already have 23,000 ad views.

      It’s also pretty cool that I already have 2000 kids playing a cheesy game that I made (my son is one of them). Once I finish with all the new themes, I think I’ll look at creating some kids educational games.

  3. What a great idea BNL. If I had a clue how to produce games I would ask for some advice. It sounds like a great way to edge closer to your retirement goal, and have a little fun while you’re at it. I’ll miss your posts and unique perspective on PF.

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  5. Sorry to hear that you won’t be blogging as much but glad to see that you will still be making money. I’m looking forward to hearing about the process.

  6. Great job with the game. Keep us updated!

    • Thanks. Just 8 days in and profits are up over $90 with profits increasing each day. I have plans to scale this out quite a bit if the profits continue to rise or even stay the same.

      I’m still expecting them to drop off at any time, but that may be attributed to my natural pessimism.

  7. JasonR says:

    Hey BNL,

    I know of you from the ERE forums and have been following your journal since your family is in an eerily similar financial situation with mine. Up to and including making games ( I started making some Flash games last month and was wondering if you’d be interested in sharing your experience with the Android market/coding/process/overall experience.

    It may not relate directly to this blog, but as you’re adding it as another passive income stream maybe it could be helpful to some readers. I’d be interested to pick your brain since your returns are an order of magnitude greater than mine.

  8. Hi Jason,
    I’m debating whether to share one post describing the overall process, as I think it will be useful to a niche group of people who:

    1. Desire to make passive income, or at least home-made income not paid by an employer
    2. Have similar knowledge in programming (minimal, but non-zero)
    3. Have the curiosity and desire to learn

    My experience is that most people pass the first two characteristics, but very few have the third.

    One reason I’m reluctant to share is simply that I’m not an expert. Not at coding, and not at making a super successful app business (not yet, anyways – but I am up over $100 now after 8-9 days of income). In the meantime, if you have specific questions, let me know. You can comment here, or email me on the side.

    I saw your flash game. It’s good (and similar to mine). For my android apps, I made them simpler (younger age group – targeted towards my 3 year old son), and then updated it with popular kids themes (cartoons, movies, etc). So far I’m seeing certain themes are 10x-50x better than generic things like “animals.”

    • JasonR says:

      Thank you sir.

      I responded to your survey as I think it would be an interesting topic. As you know from the ERE boards there are plenty of people who fit all 3 of your criteria. While the coding/testing is interesting to me I’m also wondering how the distribution/ad monetization/approval process(?) works in the fractured android market.

      As far as not being an expert, don’t let that stop you…it hasn’t stopped me!

      Thanks again!

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