Under Construction

Happy Saturday everyone.

I’ll be redesigning the site this weekend with a new semi-custom theme, so bear with me for a bit.  Hopefully you’ll all find the new design more aesthetically pleasing.

3 Responses to Under Construction

  1. No Waste says:

    Good, I’m glad to see you’re still committed to this site.

    I always like to see what’s going on with the Brave New Family.

  2. Bruno says:

    Hi bnl,

    Great to hear from you. Just wanted to say that I thought the blue theme looked better. All that red, are you angry 😉 anyway. Your posts are still the best.

    • I’m not sold on the red either, so it may change. I chose red because it’s often used to signify “life” and until I finish all the theme updates I have planned, I want to wait it out. For example, I want the most recent 1-2 posts to show more than just a short excerpt, so that will reduce the amount of red on the screen at one time.

      Give me a little more time to complete, then I’d definitely like more feedback.