Becoming Financially Conscious

It’s fascinating how you can change your life simply by being conscious.

Shortly after reading Early Retirement Extreme I read Your Money or Your Life.  And I remember looking at the charts where people tracked their savings and expenses over time, and they all shared a common look: They made massive drops in expenses over the first few months, then settled into a significantly lower number.  Usually they settled at below half the original expenses.  And I remember thinking to myself that I could drop my expenses quite a bit, but I’m not like them – I’m too frugal to cut my expenses in half!

Plus, I concluded, I have a family and just because I’m willing to make sacrifices doesn’t mean I can force my family to live in an RV.  And yet here I am 3 months later, in a new house, without a car, living a new (happier) life on half the cost.  My family has not made sacrifices, in fact they are also much happier.  By my calculations I’ve pulled in my retirement from 22 years to 2 years, simply by becoming financially conscious.

And I’ve not only become more aware of my financial life, I’ve also become more aware of every aspect of my life.

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