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Last week I had the honor to write a guest post at  In it, I wrote about 3 good things to read, watch, and use.  It was fun to think about all the wonderful things there are in our world today.  Hopefully you’ll go check it out!

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  1. Not sure if I should have left this comment here or on the other site but figured I’d do it here. Great article! I know what you mean about watching kids (not being creepy here!). I work around a lot of younger kids and teenagers and their energy really keeps me young. I know not everybody is a fan of people under twenty but if you let yourself they can really change the kind of energy running through you. Further your comment about biking is spot on! I also feel bad for people in cars. They look so miserable and I’m sure are totally unaware of the drain on their finances a car is.

    • Kechi One you are correct! I agree with you, when you surround yourself with the younger set, you definitely feel a renewed energy that isn’t there with most people in the older generations.
      As for the biking comment, I’ve noticed people on bikes always seem happier than people in cars, never made the connection as to why. It’s true, between the exercise and the financial savings, it is an excellent option.

  2. Great article. If you are interested in doing any additional guest writing, let me know.

  3. glamwolf911 says:

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