It Is Done

Last night I officially accepted a new job in Colorado, thus ending my 11 year run in my current job.  I leave amicably, but also exhausted and with no regrets.

I am on paid vacation for the next week and a half.  When I return, I will give my 2-weeks notice.  I’ve thought often about why I’m choosing to switch, and which of these reasons I’ll share with my team as I exit.  I have no intentions of lying, although I also have no intentions of being 100% transparent.

What I’ll share:

  1. It’s time for a change.  I’ve been in the same company, same building, and part of the same culture for 11 years.  This has been my only job since graduating college, and while I’ve learned a lot – I have no idea what I have not learned.
  2. I have no further aspirations in my current company.  That’s not to say that I could do any job, because I couldn’t.  It’s also not to imply that I have nothing more to learn, because I do.  But for 11 years I’ve always seen a clear next step in where I want to go and that has driven me to do my job well, get promoted, and push myself into new positions. I no longer have a target here.
  3. We’re paralyzed with meetings and collective decision making.  I read an interesting article here that made me realize how paralyzed we really are. A large company and complex organization requires a lot of meetings to stay synchronized. I get that, and realize many of the meetings we have are required, and I have very little influence on this environment.  But while we can’t always control our environment, we can always choose to find another one.  I want to create and execute, not meet and manage.
  4. Summer is approaching.  I can choose to stay here in Texas and meet the humid 100 degree days, or I can rest in the shadow of Pike’s Peak.  I choose the latter.

What I do not plan to share:

  1. I’m retiring in 2 years, and this is a faster path to my end goal.  It simply isn’t feasible to downsize my house here, and to change our way of thinking about spending money. But by changing our environment, paying cash for a smaller house, and focusing time on frugality and simplicity – I believe we will be financially and mentally ready for my retirement in 2 years.  Actually, I think we’ll be ready in 1 year, but my contractual commitment is for 2.
  2. My current company is being overtaken by careerists.  Careerism is the cancer to any business, especially high-tech.  I can not stand around and watch it at a company I really have loved.
  3. I’m tired, and I’ve been going through the motions.  Last month I received the highest performance rating gives out, despite not trying since last Fall.  It’s sad to me that I can do the bare minimum, with no passion for my work, and be promoted. I would be more likely to stay had they noticed and said something about it.  I would have had something to prove.

In the end, this is a no-brainer.  It’s better for my short-term mental health, and it gets me closer to my longer-term financial goal of ERE.  I’m proud that I’ve finally built up the courage to make the move.

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  1. Too late for me, but I’m glad you pulled it off.

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